Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Street Tribute to Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill

Oh yea, here's a video for one of the songs off of the Street Tribute to Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill. The CD is a punk tribute to the great songs from Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill movies. Awesome stuff, I listen to the CD all the time!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lincoln Beach Development

Two words for this developement complex in New Orelans, YEA RIGHT!!!!!

Video of Pontchatrain Beach's Zephyr Jr.

Awesome footage of the first "rollercoaster" I ever rode.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Orleans - What I remember from the 70's

Back in the 70's and early 80's, I used to go to downtown New Orleans a lot. My father used to run a jewelry business and did a lot of business in New Orleans. I would look forward to each trip he would make because he used to bring me along all the time. New Orleans was a different place back then, especially for a young kid like me, everything was fascinating and new. I loved every trip and even though I probably missed a lot of things, here are some things I remember from my trips to downtown New Orleans in the 70's and early 80's....

The Mcdonald's on Canal Street--- My dad always told me never to leave your table unoccupied, because the bums would sit down and eat your food.... and sure enough, we would leave our uneaten food on the table when we left and within a minute some bum would sit down and eat the rest of it.

The video game place on Royal Street - This place was awesome. My dad would take me there and we'd spend hours playing video games there. I remember it was across the street from the Holiday Inn, the game room is no longer there. It was a terrific place!

The elevator operators in the Maison Blanche building - I used to love to go to the offices upstairs in the Maison Blanche building, because they had elevator operators there.

Maison Blanche itself - My dad and I used to walk around the department store all the time!

The diner at Woolsworth on Canal Street - We used to eat there a lot!!

Bums digging in the garbage bins - Everytime my dad and I would be on Canal Street I would see the bums digging in the garbage bins looking for food.

The legless bum on Canal Street - Everytime we used to go he would be there... he always freaked me out as a kid!

The dirty movie theaters on Canal Street - I just remember sitting in the car while going down Canal Street and seeing the posters of the dirty movies playing.

People giving out free cigarettes in front of Maison Blanche - for some reason I remember people giving out free cigarettes in front of the department store.

Mr. Bingo's Christmas display at Maison Blanche during Christmas - This was the best thing about Maison Blanche, the Mr. Bingo Christmas land in the store!

The newspaper stands downtown - These were the only places to find the weird magazines that I liked. And they always had a bunch of comics.

The wildlife museum downtown - Every once in a while my dad would bring me to it, I think it was on Royal Street, it was awesome!

The weird offices in some of those buildings in New Orleans - When we used to go to Mr. Henry's place in New Orleans we used to have to go through halls and halls of weird offices, there were private detectives, snack stands, lawyers, accountants, etc. They just looked so weird to a young kid like me.

Seeing shoplifters in Woolsworth - My dad and I were walking in the store and I saw some kids just go up to the candy display and blatantly stick packs of candy in their pocket and walk out of the store. As a kid, I totally freaked out at this.

Seeing security/cops yank the shoplifters back into the Woolsworth - I guess the security/cops saw the kids steal the candy. I wonder if they made it out alive?

Christmas decorations on Canal Street - They were so great!

Dropping off your car in a valet parking lot - When I was a kid, I used to think my dad was the coolest because we would drop his car off in the parking lot downtown and the parking guy knew my dad by his name and told him he would make sure he would take care of his car. I thought my dad was a big shot!!

Again, I'm probably missing a ton, but this is what I remember. Growing up in a small cajun town back then it was exciting to get to go to downtown New Orleans. I got to eat at Mcdonald's (we had none down here back then) and experience the city life. Back then, all business was done downtown. My mom and sister never went with us, it was always me and my dad. It was exciting and new, and I enjoyed every minute there! A long time ago my older cousin, Carmin Pitre, told me something that I remember to this day, she said that the thing I will cherish the most about my childhood are the times that me and my dad spent in New Orleans together. And she was right. I really wish I would have had a video camera to capture a lot of those moments. If my dad wouldn't have taken me with him on those trips, I would never have had these great memories and would never have known how New Orleans was back then. Thanks dad, for the memories!

Monday, July 6, 2009

How I got my "song" on a NOFX record

Little known useless fact about me, I'm the guy who gave NOFX the audio of Howard Stern insulting them that is played as a bonus track at the end of their album So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes... I used to tape Howard Stern all the time back then and then listen to the tapes at work. When I heard Howard putting down NOFX, I wrote Fat Wreck Chords (this was before email) and they requested the tape, I made a copy for them and sent it in, they sent me a copy of a PEEP SHOW Video for my trouble and I thought nothing of it. Then one day, I got the NOFX album, So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes, and listened to the final track and waited for the bonus track, and there it was my audio that I sent to them. I was pumped and excited. At the beginning of the audio you can hear the promo for 106.7 The End, that was the New Orleans station that played Howard after B97 canceled him. Another useless fact: I can't listen to the Howard "I invented everything" Stern no more, he sucks.

Does this mean I should get a royalty check from the album? Haha, I'd just take a copy of the new NOFX record, Coaster, and be happy!