Friday, May 29, 2009

Halfway through Ideal Season 5

We are halfway through Season 5 of Ideal with only 3 episodes left of what will probably be the last season of this great BBC dark comedy. The episode was okay and better than the first 2 episodes of this season, but something is still lacking in this season. Psycho Paul and Moz trying to go straight is pretty funny and watching Marco and Judith having their little fling behind Cartoon Head's back is good too. But there's something that feels different during this season. Maybe Ideal built so many great characters over the years that it's hard to mesh them all in only 6 episodes, I mean we have Moz, Judith, Cartoon Head, Psycho Paul, Fist, Colin, Phil Collins, Jenny, Brian, Marco, Alan, Moz's dad, Steve, Troy, Yasuko, Jason, Lee, Carmel, Tania, Nicki, plus many more I didn't even list! Every character is awesome and you enjoy watching each one, but it's a lot of people to throw in for every 30 minute episode and it can't be done and then it feels odd when someone doesn't show up in an episode.

I read on some messageboards that a few people feel that season 5 feels different because Graham Duff was rushed to come up with 6 more episodes and that this season has no conflict or real storyline. I can definitly agree with that also. Well, we do have 3 episodes left and I'm still looking forward to them even though the first 3 episodes were a bit of a let down. And if they do make a season 6, I hope Graham Duff and take the proper time and come out with a killer season 6.

If there's a season 6, take your time next time Graham

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little House in D'Iberville Mississippi

This is the story of my experience with the Little House in D'Iberville Mississippi. It was a great place to see punk shows in the Biloxi area while I lived there in the mid 90's.

I had never heard of the Little House or of any punk shows in Mississippi until one day in 93, when I was pumping gas at a local station wearing my Crumbsuckers T-Shirt. A younger guy with glasses came up to me and asked me, Do you like the Crumbsuckers or just wearing the shirt? I told him that I liked the crumbsuckers a lot. He then started telling me about punk shows his friend puts on at the Little House. I asked him what the little house was and he told me a little building where they have punk shows. He gave me a flyer for an upcoming show, the flyer was for the band Quincy Punx. Quincy Punx was a band that played fast punk and had just released their record, We're not Punx, but we play them on TV. I told him I'd try to make it and took the flyer. The show was on a Sunday at about 1 in the afternoon, so I knew I'd go and got excited for the show. A few days later I went into Be Bop's Music in Biloxi and the guy who had given me the flyer was working there. He recognized me and introduced me to a co-worker of his who was in a punk band, No Matter. He asked me again if I'd be going to the show, I told him yea and that I was excited for it.

Because of the Crumbsuckers I found the Little House

So that Sunday came around and I left early to get to the show early. Not knowing what kind of place this was or how hard it would be to find, I wanted to make sure I was there in time. I found the place at 12, and at first I thought I was in the wrong place. This was someone's house! I thought it was a club called the Little House or something, but this was someone's house. I walked out of my car and saw a van for the band but no one else around. I was about to leave when an older man came outside and asked me if I was there for the show. I told him yes and then he said to come into their home. Their home was a double wide trailer. He told me that everybody was inside waiting until 1 or so to go to the "little house" (which was a small shed on the side of the property) for the show. I went inside the house and saw the guy that gave me the flyer. He introduced me to the guy putting on the show, who was named Lee. Lee said that the show probably wouldn't start until 1:30 or so, but I could wait inside their house until they went to the little house.

I walked into the living room and saw that the members of Quincy Punx were sitting on the chairs, sofa and floor watching a Disney movie on TV with Lee's family. I was in awe. So I sat down and started watching TV with the band. Lee's dad and mom were in the kitchen fixing some food on the stove. Lee's dad (which I later learned was named Ted) asked me if I liked Red Beans and Rice. I told him that I did, and he said good because we'll have plenty to eat after the show was over. Again, I was confused, Lee's dad let him put on punk shows in their shed on the side of their house and he cooked food for the people at the show? What a cool guy! From talking to the people in the house I came to find out that Lee had been putting on shows at the Little House for a while now and Lee's dad would sometimes let the bands stay and sleep at his house. What a guy!

More and more people showed up so after a while so we all moved to the shed. They were collecting money at the door and I asked how much it was, they said whatever you want to give, wow! If I remember right, Lee's band played first then Quincy Punx took over and played a great show to a "shed" full of people. I was happy to give some money at the door and gave more at the end when they passed a hat around to collect. I bought a T-Shirt to help support the band and left. I couldn't stay for the food because I had to work that night and had to leave. I just remember thinking about how great that place was on the way home! Here was a cool little punk community in a little town in Mississippi, the dad and mom supported Lee in his booking of bands and their family was so cool!

As far as I can tell, No Matter playing at the Little House

I atteded more shows at the Little House that year, I got to see a great FYP show, and play Crazy Eights with
Todd Congelliere (FYP's frontman) before the show. I got to see Horace Pinker play to a jam packed crowd in the Little House and Plow United. There were also bands that I would have loved to go see but had to work and had to miss them. I was probably the oldest person in the crowd (Lee's dad wouldn't go in the shed as far as I could remember), at 26 or 27. It was a happy crowd, I never saw anyone drinking or fighting or anything else bad.

I moved away and never returned to the Little House again. I didn't get to go to make too many shows at the Little House, but my memories of the place are good. If I was a younger guy back then, I really would have loved to be more involved in their music scene in D'Iberville. I recently tried to find information about the Little House on the Internet and found bits and pieces. I see Lee O Boyle's band No Matter is still around, and I saw that Lee's dad, Ted, passed away in 2005 or so. He must have been a very patient man who loved his kids very much to put up with a bunch of punks in and out of his house. I remember reading an article by Mykel Board in Maximum Rock 'N Roll one time about his experience at the Little House. He said that he played there and they couldn't collect enough money for what his band was asking, Lee's dad told Mykel that he would get him the money that was promised to the band, and sure enough Lee's family sent it to Mykel, now that's rare in this world. If you were into Punk in the 90's and never made it to the Little House then you missed out big time!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My old neighbor Ken

Years and years ago (back in about 1989 or 1990), my family and I lived in Gulfport, Mississippi. I was working on a cruise ship out of Gulfport so we decided to rent a home in Gulfport and keep our regular homestead in Cut Off, Louisiana. When we first rented the house in Gulfport I had the pleasure of meeting my neighbor, Ken. Now Ken was a weird guy to say the least. I first met Ken the first day of moving in. I saw a whole bunch of aluminum cans in a trailer parked on the side of his house, and bits and pieces of scrap metal lying around his yard. I thought to myself, what did we get ourselves into, but the rent was decent and the house was nice. Ken came over and introduced himself. He was walking like he was crippled or something and he explained that he had gotten in a motorcycle wreck years ago, and it messed him up bad. He asked me if I like to play Chess, and I told him I do play, he said that we had to get together one day and play a game. I had no intention on playing a game with him but didn't want to tell him no right off the bat.

Over the next few days, I came to learn that Ken was a smart fellow and had a good job before the motorcycle accident and that the accident messed up his brain and body pretty bad. I also learned that he collected cans on the side of the road to help support his family. Good enough. Things were normal until one day I came home from work and Ken asked me to help him crush some cans that he collected. I was tired, but helped him, that was a mistake. After that he continued to bug me over and over to help him with things. Now I don't mind helping a fellow neighbor, but his requests got ridiculous and time consuming.

One day my wife had to go over to Ken's home to help them with something. When she got back home, she said that I definitely don't ever want to walk into that home. I asked her why, and all she said was that it was disgusting in there. Well, one day Ken asked me to help him with something and I stepped into the home... Roaches were all over, there was dog and cat feces all over the home. Right when I walked in the overwhelming smell of dog and cat piss and crap hit my nostrils, with roaches crawling all over the walls, floors, sofa, chair, you name it and they were crawling there. After being disgusted I tried to avoid Ken. But he was becoming a royal pain in the ass.

One day Ken asked me for a ride to the store, well, being the good neighbor that I am, I agreed to bring him. At the store he went buy 3 or 4 quarts of beer. He told me that he was gonna put the quarts in an old tool box that was in his yard and hide them from his wife because his wife didn't like him drinking beer. He also said that every once in a while when he got back from collecting cans that he would take a sip or two of the beer. A sip or two?! This was in the middle of summer and I could not imagine that he would let the beer sit in the heat and just take a sip or two every once in a while, but that's exactly what he did. Can you imagine how terrible that beer tasted?

I knew that I was dealing with someone not all there and tried to avoid him at all costs. But he kept on bugging me more and more. The final time I dealt with him was on a day that I had off. I was enjoying my day, playing Ninja Gaiden on my old NES system just chilling and Ken came knocking on my door. I pressed pause and answered the door, it was Ken, he said that someone gave him some tires and wanted to know if I could help him take the tires off the rims so that he could sell the rims for scrap. I told him that I was in the middle of something and that I would help him later. About 15 minutes later Ken came knocking again, this time when I opened the door Ken said something like, I know you're busy but when you have time can you come help me, I told him that I was in the middle of a game and I would go later. He came knocking every 15 minutes or so for an hour until the last time he came knocking, this time he said something like, I know you don't want to help me with the tires so not to worry about it. I turned off my game and went see what I could do. Now, I don't know if you ever tried prying tires off of rims with only an old crowbar in the middle of summer but it's impossible. I tried and tried and tried and tried to pull the tires off of the rims and couldn't get one done, and he had 8 of these tires!! Another neighbor saw what we were doing and tried to help too, we both told Ken that we give up and that he should just bring the tires to a service station and get them done. Ken had tears in his eyes when we stopping trying. I spent at least 3 hours trying to get those tires done for Ken and was pooped and sweaty. I told my wife that I refused to help Ken anymore.

So for weeks and weeks I avoided Ken, if he came knocking I'd pretend I wasn't there and not answer the door. If I came home from work and he was outside I'd rush into the house and avoid eye contact. Basically, I was being an asshole neighbor to Ken. Well, one day I got trapped by Ken and he told me that I would never guess what happened to him. He went on to say that when he went turn in his cans earlier that day that the scrap place had a contest and gave him a scratch card and that he won $500. He then said that when they gave him the money he just sat in his old truck and stared at the money. He said he just kept looking at the money for at least an hour or so. He then said he never had that much money in his hands in his life. He then said he went pay some overdue bills and had nothing left. I felt horrible, here was someone that I stopped helping and I never realized or thought about how bad off him and his family were. The cruise ship I worked on moved to Galveston soon after that and my family moved back to Cut Off while I went to Galveston to work. But I still remember poor Ken. I never got around to playing a game of Chess with Ken and feel bad for not doing it, it probably would have made his life much more happy if I would have spent a little time on a Chess game with him every now and then.

Over the years I would drive to that neighborhood and see if I would ever see Ken. The neighborhood really got runned down over the years and I never spotted Ken at his house. I don't know if his family lost the house and were living on the street, or did they just move? I guess I'll never know what happened to Ken.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ideal - the continuing debate

I watched Ideal's second episode of season 5, and was still not that impressed. The second half of the episode picked up a little, but not much. I'm afraid with only 6 episodes this time, they did not have time to focus on great story lines like in the past. The whole thing feels rushed. Oh well, it's still better than 99% of the crap on television today. Everytime I watch a great series from another country, it makes me realize more and more that network TV in the USA is GARBAGE! But back on topic, at least Jenny is out of her coma and we can stop having those terrible musical numbers. With Jenny catching Moz with a prostitute, it should make for some great moments in the next few shows. But of course with Jenny being so dumb, she'll probably forget the incident in a matter of hours. Can't wait for next week, by the way, does anyone know when new episodes of Benidorm are coming out!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheap Trick rare videos (Up The Creek)

If you're a cheap trick fan and are not following user cheaptrick on youtube, then you are missing out on some great stuff. For the entire month of May they will be putting up a new rare Cheap Trick video up on youtube. You get gems like this..

That's right Cheap Trick on Saturday Night Live, I've been a fan of Cheap Trick since the early 80's and I've never seen this video. You also get stuff like this... A 1980's rehearsal tape.

So if you are a fan of Cheap Trick, you definitely have to check it out. One of the not so rare videos they posted was one for a video of Cheap Trick's Up The Creek video. It was on the soundtrack for the movie Up The Creek and is the theme song for the movie. It's a pretty fun video...

I always heard rumors that they had a "dirty" version of the video. I remember reading about it in some magazine back in the 80's. Supposedly there was nudity added to the video. I have never heard anything else about this "supposed" video since. Well, if you look in the comments of the Up The Creek video you can see people asking about the other version too. From reading the posts it seems like there are 3 versions of the Up The Creek video, version 1 is clean, version 2 is kind of dirty and version 3 is really dirty. So it seems like there are really 3 versions of the video and my mind wasn't playing tricks on me when I thought I read about it in the 80's. The completist in me needs to see these videos. It's not the idea of seeing the dirty version for the dirt, it's the idea of seeing the video that I've been hearing about since the 80's. Rick Neilson once said that Up The Creek was the worst song he ever wrote, I think he needs to rethink that statement and relisten to stuff like "Man-U-Lip-U-Lator", "Good Girls Go To Heaven" and "The Doctor" because I think this song is better than those crappy ones.

Richard Ng, Shing Fui On and the rest of the gang.

I woke up this morning thinking about Richard Ng. Why? I have no idea. Is it because every time I look at my DVD collection his mug stares me in the face when I see my copy of Pom Pom Strikes Back sitting on the shelf? Could be. And of course when I thought of Richard Ng, my mind wondered to thinking about Shing Fui-On. Why? No clue. So, I decided to find out what old Richard Ng has been up to lately. I typed Richard Ng's name in the ole' IMDB and what do I find out? He was in a recent movie called Bodyguard: A New Beginning! And it also features Shing Fui-On! Wow. Further looking at Richard Ng's info, I also saw that he's been in a few more movies recently that I've never heard of. I really want to see this Bodyguard: A New Beginning, but am really worried that Richard's screen time will be small, and Shing Fui-On's even smaller. I'll probably get it and be disappointed.

I've always enjoyed Richard Ng's works. While some people found him annoying and silly in his earlier movies, I always found him funny. What most people tend to forget is that most Hong Kong actors were playing annoying and silly roles in the mid 80's and early 90's. Richard Ng did it better than most. As for Shing Fui-On, I always thought he owed the Hong Kong Triad a lot of money in the 80's because there was rarely a movie in the mid 80's and early 90's that I didn't see him in. He either loved acting or was a degenerate gambler who owed the Triads big time.

Here's a movie idea, why don't Richard Ng, Shing Fui-On, Ng Man-Tat, Wu Ma and Stanley Fung team up and make a new movie. It would be old timers getting back together and would be great! It could be a crime caper type comedy that would see all four teaming up to pull off some type of heist to help pay for retirement. Just an idea I'm throwing out there. Hong Kong movie makers, you're free to steal the idea and don't have to give me a cent. And that my friends is my ramblings for the day.

Grumpy Old Men - The Chinese Version? It's only a dream people, only a dream!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Already broke my restaurant rule because of Phil's Grill.

On friday, I posted my new restaurant rule in which I stated that I would never go eat at a restaurant a second time if I had good experience the first time... well, I broke my rule already. On Saturday I was in the New Orleans area and had a $25 gift certificate to Phil's Grill. If you've never been to Phil's Grill, it's an awesome burger joint that has some of the best burgers anywhere. I went eat there about 2 months ago, and it was great. So according to my rule, I should have never went back, but I figured I had nothing to lose since I had a $25 gift certificate. Well, I'm here to report that my 2nd visit rule is wrong, because this time I even had better food and better service than the first visit. I had a delicious Bison burger on a Poppy seed bun with Feta cheese and a fried egg on top of the burger. It was one of the best burgers I ever had in my life. So until I hit another streak of bad service and food my 2nd visit rule is temporarily suspended.

The burger that destroyed my 2nd visit rule.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My new restaurant rule!

Lately, everytime I go eat at a new eating establishment the same thing happens to me. The first trip is awesome, the food is great, the service is terrific everything is good. Then, being excited, I tell everybody about how great the place is then I make a second trip back and bam, everything is wrong, the food is terrible, the service is pathetic, the place is dirty. You name it, and it happens on the second trip to the place. So, as of this day, this is my new rule for eating out. I will go to the place only once if it's good the first time. If it's good then I'm not stepping back into the place. Now if it's terrible the first time I'll gladly walk right back into the place. Why am I doing this? Well, you can blame Dagwood's, Osaka, Cajun's Fried Chicken, Jinsan Sushi, Gus', Frost Stop, Flanagan's, Bubbas, The Balcony, and on and on and on. Yes, I know that I will eventually run out of places to eat but so what, at least I won't have to make that dreaded second trip to the place.

Competition Show Finales

Last night was the season finale of Hell's Kitchen and despite watching every episode this season I skipped the finale. This has become a habit of mine that I cannot break. Every time I get into some competetion TV show I cannot sit there and watch the finale, nor do I have any interest in who wins. I sit there week after week and watch each episode, and look forward to each episode but when it comes down to the final 2 contestants, I lose interest and don't watch the final episode. I do it for all the competition shows I watch. Is it a short attention span or is it that deep down I don't care who wins and it's just fun to watch the episodes until the final contestants are chosen?

Thinking about it further, I think this lack of interest goes beyond competition shows. I love football season and watch every game I can week after week, and then watch the playoffs, but then when Superbowl time comes around, I lose interest and half the time don't even watch the Superbowl. Now, when watching those shows and football I always pick someone that I would like to win. And if my team loses in football I get very upset. Take this year on Hell's Kitchen, I was hoping that Danny would make it to the final two, and sure enough he did. But now I don't care if he won the whole thing or not (he did, my daughter Jodi told me). Does anyone else have the same viewing habits as this?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheap Trick whispering in ears

Kind of weird, here's a video for Cheap Trick's Voices from 1979. Notice it starts with whispering something in each other's ears and they go down the line...

Now here's the video for Cheap Trick's It's Only Love that came out in about 1986, notice the video starts off with people whispering things in each other's ears as they go down a line.

What does it mean, either it's a coincidence or Cheap Trick is fascinated by whispering things in people's ears.

Current pictures of Kok Siu-Man??

After carefully searching through Ashton Chen's personal web sites (Sik Siu-Lung), I have discovered pictures titled "Taiwan Trip" that seems to be of Ashton and his old partner Kok Siu-Man! I'm not 100% sure that it is him though, but it surely looks like what an older Kok Siu-Man would look like. I painfully translated every page on the Ashton Chen sites and see no other reference to Kok Siu-Man. But in the meantime here are the photos I found that I think are of what Kok Siu-Man looks like recently. The site I found these pictures is...

While all the other pictures could be him, this is the picture that makes me confident that it's really a grown up Kok Siu-Man. Look at that smirk, it's same stance and smirk he had as a kid.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Was Right (Ideal Season 5)

Earlier today I posted about how great season 4 of Ideal was and how I would have been content for the series to end there. I was worried about a new season bringing the greatness of season 4 down. Well, I just watched the first episode of season 5 and my worst nightmare came true, the series has gone downhill. The first episode wasn't funny, it wasn't moving me in any way, it just wasn't good. Jenny in a coma, seeing things through a dance sequence was horrible. Judith having an affair with Marco out of the blue (okay that was kind of funny), no Psycho Paul, no Steve. This was a bad episode! I'm hoping that the other episodes pick up the pace but I'm getting worried. This season only has 6 episodes and it's looking bad. I hope that I'm wrong, but once again some shows should just know when to end.


Okay, here's the deal. I LOVE crawfish. Now I know a lot of people say they love crawfish, but you don't understand I LOVE crawfish. A lot of people say they love crawfish and have it once every other week or so. I gotta have it at least 2 or 3 times a week during crawfish season, and if I'd have my way, I'd have it every day! I have had crawfish everyday for my birthday since 1985. When I pass in front of a sign that says crawfish, I immediately think to myself... man some crawfish would be good right now.

My earliest memory of eating crawfish was during a party at my parent's house, my dad invited a lot of people who he dealt with in jewelry over. One of the people, I think his name was Rick, showed me the proper way to eat crawfish. I was peeling them and he told me to just break them open and pinch the tail and get the meat out. I still remember that and do it to this day. I see people opening the crawfish and peeling them and then pulling out the black part... I say NO WAY, break that baby open, suck the head and pinch the tail and eat everything, then stick your finger in the head and eat the fat!!! That's the way a true crawfish lover does it!!

I also remember that when I was a kid my dad cooked the best crawfish, but I must have been wrong because to this day everytime he cooks crawfish he calls me and asks me how I cook them. I am, to put it bluntly, the best crawfish cook there is (in my humble opinion). I cook them perfectly. I am the best crawfish cook and best crawfish eater in the world. My dream is to join a crawfish eating contest and show everybody how a real crawfish eater eats crawfish. I know that I could out eat anyone in crawfish, the secret is not to mess with the sides... don't mess with the crackers, or corn, or potatoes, or sausage, just go for the crawfish. So what is the point of this post.... Don't mess with me when it comes to crawfish, don't say you love crawfish when you only have it for Good Friday, and don't ever challenge me in a crawfish eating contest.... Man, I dread July when all the crawfish are gone, but looking forward to December when they come out again!!!

Summer misery

Summer is here again, and how do I hate it!! Living in south Louisiana in the summer is like living in hell. I hate how you have to wait until after 6 at night to run because running anytime before that is insane. I hate stepping outside for 5 minutes and you start to sweat. I hate trying to cut the grass with the temperature in the high 90's. I hate getting in your vehicle at the end of the day and it feeling like an oven. I hate the electricity bill skyrocketing because you're running the air conditioner all the time. I hate being dehydrated with a headache after a 4 or 5 mile run. What do I like about Summer? The Four On The Fourth race in Convington, that's what!! It's a challenging 4 mile run in the middle of summer (July 4). Besides the race, I don't get too excited about anything in the summer. 'Nuff said.

Whatever happened to Kok Siu-Man?

Weird as it may seem, but hardly a week goes by that I don't wonder what happened to Kok Siu-Man. How I miss his corny movies, his smart ass attitude, his funky sunglasses, and his terrible acting skills. Here was a guy who was not ashamed of his bodily functions and would gladly take a piss or crap on screen for the sake of his art.

As for as I can tell, he started his acting career with that gem of a movie, Shaolin Popey. Yes that great masterpiece that somehow mixed home alone antics with a shaolin fighting little kid. After the success of Shaolin Popey, he starred in the sequels Shaolin Popey 2 and Shaolin Popey 3. In Shaolin Popey 2 he teamed up with comedy great Ng Man-Tat and the two became a great comedy team. Sure Kok Siu-Man made some stinker movies like Grandpa's Love and Ten Brothers, but hey, he was a kid and I'm sure had no script control.

Then, of course, he went on to make Adventuro
us Treasure Island and China Dragon with Ng Man-Tat and Dragon From Shaolin with Yuen Biao. But then came his MASTERPIECE, Trouble Maker!! He and Ng Man-Tat teamed up with Takeshi Kaneshiro (who must have owed someone a huge favor, to be in this movie) to make this cinematic masterpiece. It had everything, comedy, drama, bathroom humor, you name it and it had it. I still watch this movie 2 or 3 times a year!

It seemed like poor Kok Siu-Man's career hit the skids after this. He was in a few hard to find Taiwan movies after this like Kid Vs The Cop, Me and You and A Girl Named Ugly (in which they try to team up Kok Siu with an ugly little girl sidekick), and Naughty Boys and Soldiers. I have all these movies, and they are all terrible. He made a few more flicks and then it seemed like his acting career was over with.

I have looked all over the Internet, posted numerous messages on messageboards, and did people searches, but cannot find anymore information about what happened to him. Did he die? Did he grow up and change his name to Lam Chi-Chung and team up with Steven Chow in Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle? Who knows.

Could Kok Siu-Man turned into Lam Chi-Chung?

I did manage to maybe find a helpful link, I found a site that did an update on Sik Siu-Lung (the other kid in Shaolin Popey and Dragons From China, etc). The site says that Sik Siu-Lung changed his name to Ashton Cheng and is still making appearances in movies and television. Could it be that Kok Siu-Man changed his name also? Ashton Cheng has a website but it's in Chinese, maybe the site has clues to what happened to his old partner Kok Siu-Man? Maybe Ashton Cheng has a myspace and Kok Siu-Man is one of his friends on there. I have a lot more of detective work ahead of me to find out what happened to Kok Siu-Man, but I will not give up until I have answers!!

Sik Siu-Lung today, could he be the key that will unlock the Kok Siu-Man mystery?

Ideal ending for Ideal

Last night I watched season 4 of the British sitcom, Ideal, for the second time. As I watched the entire season in one sitting I realized how great the season was and how the ending was great and a good end to a great series. In case you're not familar with Ideal, it's a dark BBC comedy about a loser named Moz who sells dope in his apartment. It's a great show. On the last episode, Jenny (Moz's supposed true love) gets shot during a shootout in Moz's apartment. The show ends on a downbeat note, with Moz holding Jenny while she slowly fades away and probably dies.
Season 5 of Ideal started Monday, and here I am wondering if they should have even made another season. Season 4 ended so perfectly, why make another season? Now don't get me wrong, I'm super excited to watch season 5, and it could be the best season of all and end even better than season 4, but I would have been content if the series ended at 4.

That being said, I'm pumped for series 5. I'm hoping that they somehow find a way to tie up all the loose ends (what's in the red bag, will Jenny and Moz live happily ever after, will we ever see what cartoon head looks like, who's fist?) and make it a better Ideal ending than season 4.

Start of a new blog

Welcome to the world of Running With Abita, a new blog that will feature the ramblings of a man who loves to run with Abita.