Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rest In Peace - Shing Fui-On

This past Thursday we lost one of the greatest Hong Kong actors, Shing Fui-On. Shing Fui-On was always a favorite of mine and there was a time in the early 90's that he seemed to be in every Hong Kong movie made. I remember watching video after video of Hong Kong movies and seeing him pop up in 85% of them. At the time I figured that he owed the Hong Kong Triad a lot of money and to pay off his debt he worked non stop in their movies, of course I was probably wrong, but I always wondered why he was in so many movies. He always played a terrific bad guy, whether he was playing a crook, a triad leader, a bully, a rapist, or just an all around jerk he was always awesome in his roles. Besides playing the bad guy in a ton of movies, he sometimes would act silly and perform comedic roles, usually by mixing a combination of tough guy/goofy guy, like in this scene from Tricky Brains with Stephen Chow.....

From the news reports, Shing Fui On was diagnosed with
Nasopharyneal Cancer in 2004 and was told he only had 4 months to live. He performed a miracle and pulled through for 5 more years and even continued to appear in movies and TV shows. I personally had no idea that he had Cancer. I was also surprised to learn that he was only 54 years old. He was so young and had so many years in him, it's very sad. Looking up images of Shing Fui On now, it is apparent that he was getting worse and worse in 2009 as seen in these most recent pictures of him..

And from the looks of this news story, it seems like he liked to sing also...

Shing Fui On supposedly appeared in over 350 movies and over 600 TV episodes.

For myself, I will miss Shing Fui On!!

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